Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5th X hai di lao

11 June - 5th anniversary dinner with my fav at hai di lao. 
Knowing that they opened till 3am, we went there at about 9plus thinking that there wont be anyone queuing. But we were wrong. Thankfully the wait wasn't very long. They served us drinks while waiting. (Y)

While waiting for the food....

What we ordered:
Ma la soup // Seafood soup

Pig liver, pig kidney and vermicelli 

Angus black beef. SUPER GOOD!!!! 

Cockles are huge and fresh!

Mid meal selfieeee! They provide you with hair tie so you can eat without have your hair falling here and there. I didnt even asked for it. They just passed it to me. 

After the meal, we are so full and satisfied with the food! 
Both quality of the food and service of the restaurant is superb! Very friendly staff and they will take initiative to help you rather than waiting for you to ask them. We will definitely be back for more! (Y) But i have tummyache cos the ma la soup was toooo spicy for me :( But still, yay to an awesome meal and night spent with this boy! 
Really thankful for all this years :p Thank you for not giving up on us! hehe