Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mass post!

HAHA! since i am super lazy to blog.. i shall post a one time entry of what i've been wearing to work & service for the past few weeeeeks! :D hehe! The picture on the top is the most recent one! (:

This is what i wore today! HAHA!
Top from KL.
Bottom from

Top from WS. can be wore as a bodycon dress too ^^
Bottom also from ws! Can see tat i'm a big fan of ws ^^
belt from bugis street!

Dress from prettyribbon. At bukit timah Beauty world! Got their FB too. just search pretty ribbon! They have really nice apparrels!
Cardigan from WS
Flatform from HK!

Top from bugis street! it's actually a bodycon dress!
Shorts from Phuket

Everything on my body is from WS! HAHA! it's like a WS day!
except for the bag! bag from HURS (: