Wednesday, January 4, 2012

inspired & thankful

i'm really inspired by my dear CGL! she's really amazing and all i can say is WOW! truely i'm blessed to have her as my CGL! always there for me! Thanks STAR! <3 I really thank God for placing wonderful leaders in my life! Both of them are like angels that God have place in my life! <3 2012 will be a greater year for us!

i wanna grow to be more matured in christ this year! & serve Him more! I'll strive for my best & do well in my studies! i promise! i really wanna change~ was feeling so down & i told my dearest CGL! after telling her i feel much better! i was tearing in class but i didnt wanna make it obvious ): Thank you STAR!!!!

inspired to be as annoited and as spiritual as her!

I Thank God for everything! <3