Sunday, December 23, 2012

Double dip dye

I finally dye my hair & it turns out like how i wanted it to be! sososo happyy!!! below are some pictures of my hair colour (:


after bleaching my hair for the purple dye. Love the bleached colour!!

After product! :D cut my hair and dyed brown for my roots, red for the middle part and purple at the tip.

purple! :D

A clearer view of my hair! ^^

I did my hair at a home salon at tampines. although for me it's at the other end for me, it's worth it!!! $100 for 3 colour plus cut! what else can i ask for! it's just tooo good (: so nice rightttt^^ 
before i dyed my hair i was thinking of dsoing something more 'special' cos i dun wanna have a common colour so i did double dip dye as i didnt see ppl doing it. but after i dye my hair, i see alot ppl with this hair colour )): but oh well.... i love my hair too much now!! 

If any of you wanna have the contact number of my hairstylist, you cab drop me an email at                   or msg me if you have my number ((: 

**psss... i was not paid for this. i just want to recommend this to you all cos i really think it's worth it! affordable and nice^^ plussss her service is really goood!!! :D
oh but she dun do some really wild colour. so have to ask her before you go down to dye your hair. of cos she also provide other services like rebonding and perming.