Monday, December 10, 2012

Blogshop festival (outdated post)

So on Dec1 I went for the Blogshop festival at the beer market. it was my 2nd time attending a flea market event. (exclude the normal cine flea market) i hardly attend flea market cos it usually falls on a sat and i am so so so lazy to squeeze with everyone. But i went for this cos wonderstellar gave me a VIP coupon. J was very kind to bring me and my friend in to the flea market even though we're late and the vip pass is already not valid. she came out all the way to pick me in! How nice is that!! tat is why i've always been buying from her cos she is one of the best owner i know ((: it was already very crowded when i got there at abt 12pm. there is a LONG QUEUE!! if i didnt have the vip pass i wont even go there. manage to buy a few stuff ((: i was so sad that after i buy from osf stall then the MC annouced that there will be a buy 1 get 1 free sale.. sighhh ): but it's okayyy. cos after that osf booth is soooo crowded and you can hardly squeeze in & i'm not a person that will go squeeze for all this :p cos i'm shy &all. overall the experience was pretty good!the owner of butteredgun and stylemafia is pretty friendly too (: ohh & of cos tammy too. she is super pretty in real life. like a real life doll. i'm seriouss! 


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Have to go & study for my test now! :D