Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am back!

I am always so so so lazy. i always wanted to blog but after awhile, i'll stop blogging then go back again. :/

here are some pictures of what i am up to recently.

Last sat attended R's 2nd bday! he is sucha cutieeee! & we wore matching outfits :p suspenderssss!
Below is the picture of my outfit and look at my cute socks :p hehe
Shoes available for preorder at
preorder closing on sat 22 june! and the socks is available on instagram @galaxticsparkles.

Suspender skirt will be sold at our flea on 22 june at beer market (clarke quay)
the material is super gooood!! 

A group photo

spongebob themed! 

then sunday i went for CGM at A's and after we ended, had photoshoot for Galaxticsparkles and when we are leaving A's for dinner.... WE GOT STUCK IN THE LIFT!!!! grr for close to an hour. and i was so scared. being stuck in the lift is my greatest fear and now i finally experienced it. Thank God i wasn't alone and i wasn't as scared as i tot i would be. Braveeeeee me. 

yes, we could still take picture when we are stuck. HAHA! i still played candycrush. haha we are all entertaining ourselves in the lift.
after we are being rescued, we went for dinner at sushi teh. it was my 1st time having sushi teh. i had cha soba and mannn, it was GOOD. The quality of the food there is really good and really worth the money ^^ will definitely eat at sushi teh again :p

will post more sooon :p