Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1st week of July

weeeee, it's already July! means internship is gonna end REAL SOON!!! really cant wait for internship to end ans have my holidays. thou i may have to work but at least it will be much more fun & i would get to take leave rather than being a intern who got no leave! and the pay is SO LITTLE. but ohwell, 4 months have passed! but now i would need to prepare for my report. goshh.. hope i wont do badly for my internship ): thou my attendances haven been very good. But compared to last time i improve alot. hopefully my supervisor wont fail me ): kinda worried but i think i did all the work that are given to me, i shouldn't be failing. :/

Anyway i'll upload pics of stuff that i've been doing this past few days.
trying to have yoloswagstyle during the hazy period. 

Front view of the tote bag that i am working on. it's my 1st time dying stuff and this turn out pretty cool. but i don't like the back of it ): i kinda spolit it. idk why too.

This is the back view. don't know why the dye here will turn out this way man): but overall i guess it's still okay. 
Anyway if you are interested in getting these tote bags you can email me @ . for more you can follow @galaxticsparkles on instagram. 

last monday OOTD to work. 
my cut out side dress that i wore to B's cousin wedding! cant really see the details thou.

Sunday at JEM with fav boyy! he's fooling ard. we both trying to take pictures of one another. 

my outfit for sunday ^^

Salmon sashimi! cant get enough of this!

Cha soba


B's ikura fried rice

SUSHI TEH w dear at JEM on Tuesday! :p 
Weeeee it's so yummy ^^ the food is really fresh! oh & i don't fancy ikura. i thou i would like it but after trying those on B's fried rice, make me feel like puking :/ i think ichiban and sushi teh both taste the same. after eating ichiban, i doubt u wanna eat sakae again. hahah! but sakae is the cheapest thouuuu. and my finally get to try the waffle icecream!! yumyum! 

That's all for nowww! need to go back to work. i am suppose to do some work in the office today.