Friday, October 11, 2013

New hair colour - pink&purple highlight w red base

Weee I am back with a new blog post. Lika finally cos i always got no idea what can i blog about. I know i am suspose to blog about my bkk trip but i dun have alot of pictures. Soooo yeah :p here's a post about my new hair & i am loving it! :D so far i have went to the home salon for 3 times and i always step out feeling very happy & even smile to myself after the session. I think i am crazy :p HAHA. But really. She'll give you the advise & all. Really good! Plus it's super affordable! Like if you go to those normal salon it's gonna cost like $200 plus for all the colours that i want. I have a some coupon for this certain salon but i didnt use it cause, even after using, it will still cost abt $200. & since the home salon now has pink, why not! This time round i went with vivian & glad that she is happy with her new hair too! :D we are 2 happy girl. But before that we took like 2 hrs to reach. LOL. Thanks to GPS & my drop pin. HAHAH!
Anyway, i shall post the pictures of my hair. ;p

while bleaching. & i really look like a mad woman. HAHA

after washing off the bleach. not obvious thou

applying highlight ^^

closer view of the highlight.

YAY!! end product! so happy ^^
the bottom view, the aunty put more purple and pink below cos my previous colour is lighter at the bottom and this can make the highlight look brighter.

just needed to take more selfie :p 


close up of my hair :p 

Love this shot cos my purple can be seen :p weeeee

the result always turns out the way i wanted. super happy ^^ & it's cheap. cut + bleach + 1 base colour + 2 highlight colour only $100! super worth it right!!!!!!

if you are keen to dye your hair there u can ask me for her contact :p btw it's at tampines.

i'll be blogging about my shift soon :p 

till then, BYE! <3