Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recent loots

So before I move house, i ordered a few items online and everything is finally here! so i'll do a post on all these items :p

YESSS I FINALLY GOT MY DREAM SHOE!!! jeffrey campbell soiree! 
i got this from with a dress and a sock which i didn't take any picture of. i bought it in size 6 and i kinda think that it's a lil too big. but if i get 5 it will be too small plus they dun have stock for it and if i want to get that size i have to wait till nov. and also cause i am afraid that size 5 will be too small thou i think that 5.5 will be perfect :p oh well, at least still can walk in these babiesss.

Then i got these 2 bottoms from a US website. Each is about $28USD. I lke both the design verymuch because the plain "zara inspired" design skorts is a lil mainstream. the leather lining makes the skorts look special :p and the peterpan galaxy skirt is sooo pretty. i like to buy things manufactured by them because it's all very unique. i'll do a blog post on the items i buy there before. so far i have 5 items from there. & i'll share the website. (:  

& weeeeeee!!! MY DR MARTS!!!! in love with the colour thou the material is kinda rubbery. HAHA. bought it at leftfoot though. for $209. feel happy and sad at the same time after i buy this pair of shoes. happy cause i finally got my dream shoes and sad cause my money fly!!! ):

then i bought this top and bottom from YHF. i waited for close to 2 months for it. and by far the shorts is the most expensive thing i buy from a blogshop. but it's worth it cause it's super nice ^^ look at the last picture of the close up of the shorts. ^^

OKAY i know i spent ALOT. still got more stuff coming next month for my new house :p needa save up alr ): i know i've been saying this since idk when! but really... i need to save!!!!!! seeing ppl saving more than me makes me feel lousy ): SO OLD ALREADY STILL CANT SAVE UP ): mehhhh......v