Thursday, January 2, 2014

First post of 2014

So for the first post of 2014, i shall post a inspired style of my fav blogger/instagramer; luanna. 
in my opinion, i feel that our style is pretty similar. but of cos she dress better. really love all the outfits she put together. 

The 1st look. i have the exact leather x mesh jacket. it was designed by her for this jacket is really comfy. and i paired it with a similar oversize tank top and shorts i have. you can recreate this look with any leather jacket, oversize tank, printed hw shorts and a stockings.

2nd look. leather sleeve jacket with a white L/S and checked swing skirt. i also notice she likes to wear stockings alot. but i don't usually wear stockings as you know in sg, it already very warm!
you can recreate this look with any mix material jacket, a plain L/S and any checked skirt.