Monday, November 25, 2013

West to the FAR east

Soooo some of you may know that I have moved to the east. i used to stay at bukit batok. and now, I am staying at Pasir ris. SUPER FAR. alot of people tell me that i would LOVE the east. but even after 1 month plus here, I DISLIKE IT. LOL. super inconvenient. i love to take bus when i travel but now..... I CANT! from places like town or bugis i would need to train home. there is no bus. even if there is i n\would have to have to change like 2 to 3 bus and it will take more than 2 hours to be home... Tired and tested... NO JOKE. this really makes me sooooo annoyed. when i stayed in batok last time, i can take bus home like 174 or 61. and it's super near school tooo... now i need to take 1hour plus to reach school. Major meh! cant wait to graduate ): hopefully i can pass :/ and I NEED TO BUCK UP. i kept telling myself that but i keep on going back to my lazy life ): which is BAD! i really need a change  ): and in less than 3weeks B is gonna enlist ): how am i gonna surviveeee.... kidding... but i know i am really gonna miss him. 

that's all from me today. i am gonna go do my stuff ^^