Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion blog

Hmm it's been long since i last updated my blog as i am a really lazy person. But i would really like to commit myself to blog. Mainly focusing on fashion blogging. Since i'm really in love with buying clothes. But my english is not very good, so pardon me. I am really inspired by chriselle lim. Her fashion sense is soooo cool ! But in singapore, we wont be able to dress like how she always dress; layering. Cos the weather in singapore is tooo HOT for that!  

Soooo..... If someone were to ask me what is my fashion sense like, i would say i dunno! Cos i would wear or like anything tat catches my eyes. Or even things that is "IN" now. For example the trend now is like tribal prints, mustache, parkas& outwear~ so i'll somehow follow the trend & i'll get my clothe online. But i can say tat i am NOT a daring "fashionista"! Haha! & i feel tat it is usually from blogshops that you will get to knw the current trend. 

I am really trying to cut down my spendings on blogshop cos i've spent way tooooo much! Out of wat i have! So recently i realised i have bought a few bandage skirts with details. Be it tribal prints or studs. Kinda "crazy" over it.  

Actually, I dun usually dress up cos i am quite lazy. I'll only dress up on sat for my church service. As for sch days I would dress casually & if i have any "idea" of what is nice to wear, i will. But it's hardly the case so i will usually be in a causal top& shorts with my briks/sandals.  

Below are a few pictures of my past outfits! it's a mass pic post cos i update my instagram more often.
P/sssss: I am not photogenic, hence I hardly show my face.

Sat service dayyy!! 
top from bugis street
skirt is a gift from friends
shoes from Fareast

Date with B to Jcube.
top from Tinselrack
shorts from twistpolka
shoes from hongkong

Sat service!
top from OSF
skirt from cp
denim jacket from fareast

BabyRayden 1st mnth
top from cotton on
shorts from bangkok

movie date with B
top from bangkok
leather shorts from runway bandit

sat service
top from scarletroom
skirt from wonderclothes
shoes is a gift from a friend

Sch day! presentation
Dress from wonderstellar
Belt from couturelane

top from wonderlustworld
shorts from wonderlustworld
shoes from newlook

B's bday!
Bralet & maroon outerwaer from LBR
sandals from butteredgun
clutch from shopskinned

Sch dayyyy!
outwear from editors market
shorts from twistpolka
laptop bag from OSF

SCH day~
Top from twistpolka
Shorts from wonderlust

Service day!
inner wear from wonderlust
studded skirt from twistpolka
vest from shopskinned (mad love!)

Service day~
leather jacket & floral skirt form TFE
Top from cotton on 
studded bralet from shopskinned

service dayy!
Denim dress from wonderstellar
boots from cp

Service day!
denim x chiffon top from shopskinned
pants from wonderstellar
bag from pmt

SERVICEEE! sot grad day!
studded leather from shopskinned
LBD from bangkok
studded bag from pmt

J's wedding plus service!
bralet & belt from Lbr
skirt from wonderstellar

Teacher's day! back to KR!
top from wonderstellar
jeans from topshop (LOVE the fit!)

sunday CGM @ duxton!
knitted top from shopskinned
leather shorts from runway bandit
shoes from lbr

Reversal top from wonderstellar
shorts from wonderlust
parka from diygalore
boots from cp

Val's bday @ RWS!
top from lbr
shorts from amberave

The things that i buy are usually from blogshop cos it is cheaper. i hardly shop at topshop unless i really like the clothes & when i think that it will be worth it. (:

Hope you enjoy reading! & i'll try to update more often!