Friday, September 28, 2012

safe dressing.

 I am a person who will dress safely. Let's say when i wear a vest, i will wear a plain spagh top or a plain bralet inside. Or i wont wear very loud prints. like a full printed animal print dress/top. && when i wear my denim top/vest, a will not button all the way to the top cos i think that i will look kinda weird in it and i think i cannot carry it. i would usually wear my denim tops as my outerwear or i'll button up a little and showing a little of my inner wear(usually if i do so i'll wear a coloured/patterned inner wear). so that the outfit would not look so dull.

what will i wear with a vest?
here are some of the pictures on how i will style myself with a vest.

oversized denim vest with leather hw shorts

oversized vest with coloured hw shorts

oversize vest with printed jean/plain skinny jeans

studded vest with leather skater skirt

studded vest with skater skirt

studded vest with bandage skirt

these are a few of the other vest i have (: 

There are other ways to style it but i couldnt think if it at such a short timing. if i have other ideas i'll post it (:

kay, so i was watching my fav blogger's youtube channel and i really like how she style her little black dress! hope this can inspire you as much as it inspires me! (: although in singapore we can't wear so much layer if not we'll be committing suicide! haha! :p