Sunday, September 30, 2012

Denim outwear

As usual, Saturday is service day! YAY! okay... so on sat is the only day(kinda) that i will dress up really nicely. Not because i go church to find guys or what; like what some would say. But it's because i enjoy dressing up & being presentable in God's kingdom. Everyone have their own perspective on how they wanna dress so it's really up to us. There isn't any dress code for services and no restrictions.

sooo...... this is what i wore on sat.
outerwear from butteredgun
dress from topshop
boots WID

our ootd. HAHA

then a picture with B! <3 

After service, me&b when to vivian's place & we watched safe. I kinda think that i'm in to gun fight shows. Like expendables. IT WAS AWESOME! haha! 

As for today, i had Cellgrp meeting & it was the last cgm for phil ): he's gonna leave! *sobb*
But all will be gooood! HAAH! other than this Nth else!my sat & sun are pretty much the same every week! so nth really special! 

&& it's OCT now! have a great month ahead & better days are ahead! sooo dun dwell in the past!