Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outdated post

Hmm haven been using my computer lately so I didn't update my blog and I have quite a few stuff to blog about. Anyway, the giveaway was cancelled cos there wasn't any response. So as usual sat I went for service and I was serving(in choir). Had a great time and also have some awesome encounter ^^ sooooo below is the picture of my outfit.

*Note: the following paragraph was written by shar's dear boyfriend xh:
Hmm..blogging for the first time, seem fun

Okay, so my bf typed halfway and he got back gaming so I shall just leave it as it is and continue blogging.
Dota date with B!
tank top (initially was a dress)
Hw dip dye shorts-DIYgalore
Denim hoodie jacket-PMT

Day out with daphhhhhh
spagh top-cotton on
dip dye shorts-wonderclothes
sleeveless parka
studded bag.
*If anyone interested in the parka can email me! may be bringing in stock to sell!*

pussybow top-OSF

&&& all my black rooooots are coming out and it's so ugly! so i'm gonna do something with my hair & i need suggestions ): i don't know if i should dip dye for just dye all purpleish red. If i dip dye, which most prob is what i'm gonna do with my hair, i'll dip dye it reddish pink! like the pictures below are some of the examples. 

 Like the dip dye colour alot^^
Like the bottom left one too!! purpleish red& a lil pinkyyy! HAHA!

Stay tune for my next blog post about my coming trip!! EXCITEDDD!!! :D

Do formspring me of what you wan me to blog about(fashion wise), i'll try my best to do it! Thankyou!! (: