Friday, July 26, 2013


In the past, I don't really fancy buying shoes and all cause to me, i think that getting 1/2 pairs of a simple black shoes that can match all my outfit will be good. but little did i know, actually what kind of shoes you pair with your outfit will give you a different look. then i slowly got more kinds of shoes thought most of them are black. cause black is really if you are wearing a black jeans with maybe a normal tee shirt top, you can either wear it with boots to give u a more 'rocker' feel or you can wear it with a sneakers or even with heels to look more 'classy'. but that's so not me. cause i cant stand walking for long in heels. it's just not my thing :/ haha i really salute those who can wear their heels out all day like all the pretty bloggers. i just cant. my whole body will start hurting my a old woman and it's just so uncomfortable cause i couldn't walk very fast in it tooo..i would prefer platform over heels. i can balance and walk better in it. i thik i have become obsessed with shoes :/ HAHA especially anything that is transparent :/ LOVE glass heels. just soo pretty.and i am also obsessed with criss cross. like those nastygal inspired dresses. any side cut out dress also attract me ALOT! i am crazy. but actually my BF doesn't really like me wearing those revealing clothes. haha. i buy alot of similar pieces all the time.

back to the main topic, shoes. below are my shoes collection :p it's obvious that i'm a safe person. most of my shoes are BLACK! haha cos black goes with any color!!
The reason why there are 4 boxes is that i am way too lazy to take them out. My maroon converse, studded superga, maroonxpink dr marts & my high cut dr marts. Hehe too lazy. Some of the shoes, i hven worn them in monthssss. Sorry for the bad picture quality. But u'll see them in my ootdsss. Hahah! You can also see that i don't really own heels. Just 2. The rest are flatforms or platform. Love my jelly sandals from topshop ;p the quality is really much better as compared to co's. hahah. 

How do i usually decide what shoes to wear? 
If i am wearing pants or jeans, i'll usually go for boots. But if i'm really lazy i'll just put on some loafers. Like the cross studded one or the one with metal tip infront. Simple yet the gold in them makes them looks better :p
If i am wearing bandage skirt i'll wear platforms. Or boots. I'll wear my boots more often cos it's really very my kind of style. The little feel of a rocker. Hahah! 
If i wear shorts, i would usually wear my briks or sandals. But recently i start to wear with my canvas shoes too! & loving the look (: this way i could also wear them out more often. Better than letting it rot. Cant wait for intern to end & i can dress up more casually & wear anything i want. Wont be very dressy anymore. As i am wearing dress or skirt almost everyday. & somedays you'll get tired of it. I am already too lazy to think of what to wear. Mehhh.. 1 week more! Cant wait!! Time for bed!