Thursday, July 18, 2013

summary of my 2nd week of July.

stayed over at my cousin place as my aunty is overseas. babysitting the girls was tiringgg! cheeky!! but enjoyed myself alot. cos they are just soooo cute. things that they say, little things that they laugh at. such cutiess. this Joy you find in a kid. it's just so good to be a kid. carefree and stressfree! do anything you want. i wish i am still a kid. ): time flies... i'm already 20 this year and few more months i'll be 21. cos 2014 is coming sooooon. kay 5 more months till new year thouuuu. HAHA

happily eating the biscuit that i bought them. 

cutie nisse nisse posing for the camera while waiting for shayenne's sch bus to arrive.

nissenisee wants a hat! :p

then over the weekends.. i had flea at beer market.. worst experience. the crowd was bad :/ and i doubt they even advertise much ): and it's sooo colddd!! ): everything is just not very good ): like cos the event is on a second floor, the sign they put below is made of paper and doubt it's really visible. hardly even 10 customer walk by my booth ))): the whole event crowd was less than 50 :/ i guess.. it's just disappointing ))): more - than + ): didnt sell a single cover ))):

our booth.

& we got real bored. till 1 point B fell aslp.. LOL

My fav case form my new design collection! :p

just my usual routine.. OOTD! HAHAHA

then sunday, the CG headed to sentosa to celebrate our beloved Cynstarine BDAY!!!! weeeee

FOOTPRINTS. soo artistic. LOL

me & cin. loving my hair colour in this pic :p 

a floral crown that i made for cyn but look a bit funny. hahaa

and a beach OOTD. hehe

A pic with my BFF!! :D love herr!

myy favvvv leader!! BEST LEADER IN THE WWW!!! 

W279!!! <3

us at festive hotel :p 

everything was great! the surprise went well i guess :p our performances was kinda :/ you know. but we didnt practive at all. so... afterall it's okay! HAHA!! :p everyone enjoyed the whole celebration :p & lil bess joined us at sentosa too. so happy to see her ((: more outings to come! (: